Biography of Dean of the Social Science Faculty

Prof. Mohammad Kabir “Aryan” son of Ghulam Mahiddin was born in 1962  in Azhda Chaman fifth area of Mazar - e- Sharif.

He studied in Nader Shahi elementary school and studied his secondary education at Bakhter high school between 1969-1981s.

He studied his bachelor in field of education at Balkh University in 1987-1991.

He was as a lecturer in faculty of education at Balkh University and he worked as lecturer and head of geography department in this faculty.

In 2004, after establishment of social science faculty at Balkh University, he was offered as dean of social science faculty by chancellor of Balkh University and by approval of president of Islamic republic. (Few photos of social science faculty)


History of social science faculty and its activities at Balkh University

 History department started its activities under the literature faculty by enrolling students in 1993.  Now it has four departments as: psychology, archeology, art and sociology. they also started its activities independently at Balkh University.

Now the four faculties: psychology, history, archeology, and art are also active and accept students through Kankor examination.

This faculty also has a night department by the name of history department. This faculty has 572 students in daily section with 263 male students and 260 female students. And also in night section it has 152 students with 130 male students and 22  female students.

The academics positions of the social science consist of 20 lecturers that 14 of them are male and the 6 of them are female.

Social Science faculty lecturers and student’s conference report

According to the decision council leadership of University the first week of November had specified the academic conferences of teachers and students day. In the last three day of this week the events start with participating of teachers and students from different faculties in public salon of the university. And in the second day every faculty continues the conference in their faculty.

The social science’s students and teachers also continue the conference in these two days at their faculty  that’s located in the new compass of Balkh University and the conference followed by this agenda:

1: reading of Holly-Quraan by AbdulHaq Noori lecturer of art department.

2: playing National Anthem by technical group of conference.

3: Speeches by dean of Balkh University about benefits of this kind of conference.

4:  topic by Prof. Saeda Hakimi assistant director of faculty about (apartheid).

5:  topic by Prof. Nasir Ahmad Aryan about (where is my old culture).

6:  topic by Sayed Ghazanfar senior of public history department about (American Indian)

7:  topic by Weda Zia the freshman of psychology department about (empathy).

And also the second day of conference started by this agenda

1:  topic by Hamidullah junior of public history department about (specifying history from philosophers’ idea).

2:  topic by Freshta sophomore of public history department about (slaveholding in Islamic history).

3:  topic by AbdulQadir freshman of psychology department about (stress in exam)

4: topic by Farzana senior of public history department about (Introduction of Bamyan Province).

5: topic by Syawash freshman of archeology department about (Bakhter treasure)

6: topic by Safora sophomore of public history department about (battle of Estalin Grad).