Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science was found in 2013 with in Balkh University to meet the needs of training expertise in the respective fields of study.

Right now there are four departments within the Faculty:





With existence 338 male and 400 female students 738 in total; the academic affairs are provided by Dean, deputy, academic affairs admin and 7 lecturers (4 male and 3 female). The Faculty has a great library to promote the level of knowledge of the students.

Faculty of science is committed to achieving the following objectives in the field of education

Transfer, analysis of contemporary knowledge and skills for students.

Meet the need of society and the labor market at national and international level.

Enhance the capability of carrying out scientific research in national and international level to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

Strengthen and improve faculty and knowledge of the teachers to set up basic and advanced scientific researches to resolve the problems of the country regarding the respective fields.

To enhance the participation of teachers, staffs, and the students in public and private enterprises, civil societies and government institution at local and national level