History of Agriculture Faculty

Faculty of Agriculture was established as a second administrative unit of Balkh University in 1367. About 727 students are studying in this faculty from all over Afghanistan, 25% of which are girls and 75% are boys. These students are taught by 35 faculty members with PhD and master’s degrees and a small number with bachelor degree in various fields. Faculty of Agriculture has 2050 specialist graduates (274 females and 2276 males) in various fields to serve the community since its establishment.


1. Department of Agronomy has started operating in 1366 parallel to the time when faculty of Agriculture started operating within the framework of Balkh University. It currently has 136 students and the number of graduates reaches to 978. This department has 9 faculty members, 7 males and 2 females with Ph.D., masters and bachelor’s degrees.

2. History of Economics and Agricultural Development Department: Department of Economics and Agricultural Development initiated working in 1374 along with other departments of Agriculture. It is considered as one of the most important departments and was established under Assistant Professor Mohammad Arif Shams’s supervision and in 1377 this department had its first batch graduation for the first time. Unfortunately, due to the civil wars and the wars that imposed by the Taliban in country, this department was merged with department of Plant Science. Fortunately, this department resumed operating due to efforts of the professors in this faculty and leading board of the university after the formation of new government in 1393.

3. Department of Forest and Horticulture was established within the framework of Agriculture faculty of Balkh University in 1381. Currently, it owns 136 students. The total number of graduates of this department reaches to 728, 685 of which are males and 43 females.

4. Department of Soil Science/Agrology and Irrigation was established within the framework of faculty of Agriculture of Balkh University in 1392 and holds 127 undergraduate students now. The total number of graduates is 121, which includes 88 boys and 33 girls.

5. Department of Agricultural Trade Management was established in 1397 and has 96 undergraduate students right now.