History of Science Faculty

The Faculty of Science was officially established and inaugurated in 1392 within the framework of Balkh University. It is one of the scientific, educational, and academic places that has four independent graduate departments. The faculty’s curriculum is in accordance with the curriculum of Ministry of Higher Education and Science Faculty of Kabul University that partially equates with specialization standards of the world. This faculty follows credit system and students graduate with Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree after completion of eight semesters (145-155) credits.

Faculty members

Science Faculty has 11 faculty members, a lab technician, and an academic registrar that from academic ranking perspective, there is one Pohandoi (Assistant Professor), three Pohanyar (lecturer) and seven Pohyali. Three members of this faculty have master’s degree, three have bachelor’s degree and five other members are pursuing their master’s degree program. From 1396-1898 the Faculty of Science has respectively presented 173, 204 and 176 students and totally 553 graduates to the society. Currently, 736 students are studying in this faculty.


From its inception, Faculty of Science has four departments:

  • Mathematics Department

  • Physics Department

  • Chemistry Department

  • Biology Department

The departments of Science Faculty have established according to regular plan for carrying out educational affairs in various dimensions by providing appropriate and desired conditions and observing scientific criteria and implementing regulation in accordance with the policy of Ministry of Higher Education as a scientific unit in 1392 within the framework of Balkh University. Department of Chemistry from 1396-1398 has respectively presented 42, 60, 47 and totally 149 graduates to the society.