History: Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics was established in 1988 within the framework of Balkh University. It was established in accordance with the government plan for the improvement of higher education and training of academic cadres in Balkh province. The lessons were taught by the professors of this college and visiting lecturers.

In the beginning, this faculty had the following departments:

1- National Economic Planning

2- Enterprise Economics

3- Business and Administration

4- Finance and Monetary Affairs

In 1991, the Faculty of Economics graduated 24 undergraduate students for the first time.  Faculty of Economics experienced many ups and downs during civil wars in the 1990s. Many professors left the country, lack of money for salaries of professors, and unwillingness of young people in higher education left a deep crisis in the academic activities of this faculty. But fortunately, despite the state of repression, the faculty’s activities never stopped!

In 2002, the Faculty of Economics established academic coordination programs with the German Ruhr University of Bochum. Based on this coordination, ten professors of this faculty were sent to Germany to develop their academic capacity. Based on the agreement between the German Academic Exchange Center and the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ruhr University of Bochum is also committed to preparing, translating, and publishing textbooks in the two official languages of the country (Dari and Pashto). The construction of an electronic library database for the use of professors and students of economics is also one of the important contributions of Ruhr University of Bochum. The faculty adjusted its curriculum based on the standard credit system and teaches 146 credits for the undergraduate program. 

After getting the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, this faculty started its postgraduate program (Finance and Accounting) with the academic cooperation of Notre Dame University of USA, and financial and technical support of Universities Support and Human Resource Development Program.

Currently, this faculty has the following four departments:

1- National Economy

2- Finance and Monetary Affairs

3- Administration and Enterprise Management

4- Statistics and Econometrics

The Faculty of Economics has the honor of graduating 2932 students in 29 cohorts.

Currently, the total number of students in this college is 1741 consisting of 1253 males and 488 females. There are 337 students in the night shift consisting of 306 males and 31 females. The master's program included a total of 90 students, 30 of them graduated in the first cohort, 30 students are in the second cohort defending their theses, and 30 others are in the third cohort that are pursuing their studies. The Community College program included 20 people who graduated in 2019.

The Faculty of Economics has 21 academic staff including two females. The faculty members of this college are one doctor, nineteen masters, and one bachelor.