Public Policy and Administration

History of Public policy and Administration Faculty

Based on the needs of government agencies and institutions, private sector, civil society organizations and international organizations to have professional and committed cadres, to develop and strengthen capacities at different levels, and good governance and sustainable development; Balkh University in 1390 proposed the establishment plan of a new faculty named “Faculty of Public Policy and Administration” with the financial and technical assistance of the esteemed office of GIZ. In 1391 HS, after going through the documentation process and obtaining the approval of government authorities, it practically started its activities by enrolling 243 students, 182 male and 63 female students.

The Faculty of Public Policy and Administration of Balkh University started with limited number of classrooms and an office. Then, on 17th of Mizan, 1393 the new building in the new campus was put into operation with excellent facilities and suitable learning space that had been built with the help of Germany.

Bachelor in Public Policy & Administration program provides students with new management knowledge and skills, management of government agencies, formulation of desirable policies, policy implementation, policy evaluation, review of developmental affairs, private business administration, management of organization and work in international organizations. Beyond this, students will gain the necessary practical experience that enable them to do administrative work after graduation. In addition to professional training, they will acquire the required scientific and technical skills to pursue their master or doctoral degree.

In today’s world, administration and policy as a field of study; is a young, practical, modern and evolving field that has a chromatic presence in the process of formulating, implementing and evaluating the social, economic and political policies of transitional societies and trains specialists in the public, private and labor markets.

Currently, the Faculty of Public Administration and Policy has three active departments (Public Administrative, Public Policy and Development Management) and every year a great number of students enroll one of the above departments through university entrance exam.